Hall of Fame

“For over 25 years, Bob has been the consummate professional, representing our company with pride and commitment.” said VR C.E.O. Peter King. “He has continued to dedicate himself to advising buyers and sellers as well as other VR franchises and associates in successful business transactions.”

Having success first as a business intermediary for the VR office in Fairfield, Connecticut, Bob has run one of VR’s longest-running offices in Milford since taking over ownership in 1990. He has been the vanguard of the marketplace, facilitating business sales in a wide range of industries.

“Throughout his tenure, Bob has demonstrated remarkable aptitude in business management and understanding the needs and goals of his client,” said VR President JoAnn Lombardi.

“He has displayed unwavering loyalty to our organization that we deeply value as an important quality for every VR business intermediary.”

Following a corporate career in manufacturing conglomerates, Bob joined VR in 1986 after noticing one of our franchises by his home in Fairfield. “I was walking past the VR office, about a block from my residence and noticed the sign on the building,” recalled Bob. “I called the owner of the office at the time, Dean Savell, and explained that I would like to try the profession.”

Due to his experience both the financial services as an analyst and general management, Bob developed a strong passion for business sales. “I’ve always felt comfortable in business sales because I know the numbers and how they relate to the business I’m listing,” said Bob. “I feel that I can connect well to both sellers and buyers with the experience I have.”

He has been a tremendous contributor to VR throughout his career, facilitating the sale of both small and mid-market businesses. We congratulate Bob for his service that he has given to this organization, and welcome him as the newest inductee to the VR Hall of Fame.

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